"A brain reaction of 'I feel good' is triggered when humans stare at landscapes"

– Xavier March, CEO


Simplicity. Back to nature. Earth-conscious.
At VIVARA, we translate our nature-centric values into the art pieces we select. Our design aesthetic is inspired by the natural world and the rich colors found in nature. While we stay current with the times, our products possess a timeless quality that transcends trends and fashion, remaining true to the fundamental definition of artistic beauty.

Empathy. Care. Goodwill.
When humans gaze upon a landscape, the brain triggers a reaction of well-being. Scientifically proven in medicine and psychology as the processual landscape phenomenon, we understand that patients recover faster with views of trees and greenery compared to staring at a brick wall. At VIVARA, we leverage these insights to genuinely care for and bring inner peace to our customers living in, or passing by, the spaces we decorate.

Sustainability. Respect. Harmony.
Our commitment is to conduct business in a fair and ethical manner. We ensure our artists are fairly compensated for their work. Prioritizing local artists helps us minimize our carbon footprint. We meticulously screen our artists, selecting those who inherently love the societies and ecosystems they photograph. Adapting to local cultures and minimizing the impact of their visits is at the core of our values. In the case of remote and unknown places, VIVARA reserves the right not to disclose the exact location of the image to preserve the authenticity of these places and help contain the spread of mass tourism.


VIVARA's mission is to approach the wonders of our world to the wide public. Oftentimes, these materials are reserved to luxury galleries and museums. VIVARA, and its growing number of collaborating artists, wants to revolutionize interior decorating by turning access to photographic art affordable.

Happy decorating!

Fuelled by the passion of discovering different societies, VIVARA's founder - Xavier March - embarks on trips around the world capturing surreal landscapes and landmarks. With more than 40 countries visited since 2015 and counting, these artistic and difficult-to-obtain images are made available to sophisticate interior spaces. From homes to business and commercial spaces.